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Hundreds of thousands of listeners across the U.S. and (via American Forces Radio) around the world tune in weekly to Parents' Perspective. Caring adults find help with topics as diverse as schools in a stressful time, parents as advocates, stepfamilies, playground safety, risk-taking behavior, toddlers and media, helping children learn to manage money, and what teens want their parents to know. Fifty per cent of listeners are male. Experts in such fields as child development, medicine, nutrition, psychiatry, education, sports, social work, child care, and law enforcement provide up to date information and resources.

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Guests are frequently world renowned, often entertaining, and always stimulating. The daughter of a terrorist discussed helping children reject hatred; a county executive related how he dealt with anxious residents during sniper attacks; a social worker (who is also a bereaved parent) provided encouragement and support for parents who have lost a child; and a psychologist with adult children in the armed forces discussed issues arising when soldiers return to their families.

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As all caring adults know, children are not only everyone's business; they are everyone's future.

Recent Shows

493. Tricks of the Trade: Dr. Riley’s Box of Tricks

Dr. Douglas A. Riley, EdD, licensed clinical psychologist; author, Dr. Riley’s Box of Tricks: 80 Uncommon Solutions for Everyday Parenting Problems

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Resources – Dr. Jim Sutton, dealing with behavior in the classroom

492. Ethics for Children

Adriana Murphy, seventh grade social studies teacher and eighth grade ethics teacher, Green Acres School, Rockville, MD

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The “My Hero Project”
Michele Borba
Center for Spiritual and Ethical Education

“What Would You Do?” (ABC)


491. Color Theory

Mary Anne Reilly, artist, Washington, DC

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Use the Internet – google your specific question – such as “ideas for color design for a child’s room,” or “furniture, colors”

After-school art classes or weekend art classes offered by museums and galleries

Art bulletins for college student jobs – organizations with opportunities for art students (such as painting in a house or doing a mural or helping in a gallery)

Scraps found at home – fabric, old magazines, foil, even old clothes, etc.

490. Children of Deployed Parents

Julie LaBelle, wife and mother of Marines; author, My Dad’s Deployment and My Mom’s Deployment

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On any military base, there are many resources for families.

Internet searches – Search for your own specific problem (ex: “help for teens of deployed parents”)


489. Adopting Hard to Place Children

Janice Goldwater, Adoptions Together, Founder and Executive Director

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Association for the Treatment and Training in the Attachment of Children

Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute

Freddie Mac Foundation offers some resources

Human Rights Campaign “All Children, all families,” for gay and lesbian community

488. Preparing Middle Schoolers for Life

Peter Braverman, Middle School Head, Green Acres School, Rockville, MD

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NY Times Motherlode Blog

486. Parenting – The Easy Way

Bryan Caplan, Ph.D., Professor of Economics, George Mason University; Blogger, EconLog

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Econ blog
Twitter: Bryan_Caplan


485. Revisiting Shaken Baby Syndrome

Dr. Ronald Uscinski, neurosurgeon, George Washington University School of Medicine and Georgetown University Medical School

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484. What Teachers Need from Parents

Sharon Monde, Principal, Thomas Jefferson Middle School, Arlington, VA, and Susan Holland, Director of Counseling Services, Thomas Jefferson Middle School

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First – turn to the counseling department in your school – they will have additional resources to suggest.
PTA President should be another good resource to ask.
Does your school system have a parent resource center? Many do – ask!
Sometimes support groups form within schools or systems; inquire about.
In Arlington, VA, schools hold “Parent Chats” – not held in the school building, bringing the teacher(s) into the community and less formal situations for parents’ access. Good suggestion for YOUR school to sponsor!
Bilingual access – be sure your community offers bilingual access for families who are not fluent in English – ALL community constituents need access to be able to participate. Speak up in their behalf.